FIYC Friendly Trudeau “race” 11am

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FIYC Friendly Trudeau “race” 11am

Postby Kentrock Messmer » Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:09 am

Wednesday mornings at FIYC are now a Trudeau Mixed Fleet “race” T-1’s or larger Trudeau.
Today we ran the 2009 J-class final courses 2 first and timed the race in time trial mode for a no stress start. It was great to see some big Trudeau’s sailing in a fleet again.

Trial Race Results:
Course: 2009 J-Class final 2
1. Bunnie Mills IDBM00 -- 00:20:03.56
2. Armano Xaris IDAX3 -- 00:21:37.69
3. takabou Destiny IDTD21 -- 00:22:37.01
4. Rimmer Telling ID# -- 00:24:00.58
5. JoyofRLC Acker ID0042 -- not finished

Race Results:
Course: SLAC
In this race most of the fleet got caught by LL restarts..
1: Rimmer Telling ID# -- 00:24:33
2: Armano Xaris IDAX4 -- not Finished
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