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Re: Barging = 720

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:14 am
by Orca Flotta
noodleqt exonar wrote:This will force the victims to learn to protest, whereas today... it is easier to just ignore the incident and continue sailing.

Force victims = make them victims twice.

MothBird Darwibou wrote:receiving a shitload of remarks, questions and even accusations, blames and insults over a period of many years to come.

Don't you realize that this was an accusation it itself. And also a cear sign of how primitive your mind works. Remarks and questions are the same to you as accusations, blames and insults? You have your mind set straight to just torpedo everybody and everything around you out of the water, reagrdless if they really insult you or just having a question.

You guys ... one a living, walking rulebook with a quest to find realism in a badly programmed MMORPG (up to the point of refusing to saiil right thru off-sim rocks), the other a physics professor with flexible morals; both severely handicapped by unidirectional minds, super low EQ, high level of intolerance and antisocial behaviour. Exactly like your predecessors, the medieval crusaders and conquistadors, you're on a mission.

Dunno what to do with you anymore, a discussion on eye to eye level is obviously not possible.