An Invite from the Intel team - DSG

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An Invite from the Intel team - DSG

Postby Bri Hasp » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:52 pm

I would like to invite opensim devs and residents of other grids to visit ScienceSim Friday morning when we're going to put up some DSG regions. We would like to test it with more 'real' clients with a variety of connections, systems and viewers.

When: Friday July 29, 9-11 AM PDT (UTC-8) UTC-7 till Nov
Where: ScienceSim Region "cm900/100/100/30"
Hypergrid from OSGrid: cm900

Viewer settings: Recommend setting viewer network limit to 2000kbps or higher, view distance to 512m, max prim detail. SL Viewer 2 usually crashes when connecting. We have had good luck with Imprudence 1.4/1.5 beta.

Details: We are running 2x2 regions with a city environment and 800 connected test clients. The regions have ~110,000 prims, mostly avatar attachments. Login above 30 meters or you may end up under the city but you can use the map to teleport up. Chatting, walking, flying, region crossing, building and other "basics" are working. Sitting may cause you to get stuck. Allow a few minutes for all of the city, avatars and attachments to load.

If you connect during the 2 hour test, please send me a message to let me know what times you were there, information about your connection type, viewer version, system specs, and what your experience was like.


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